Fatih Bridge

Fatih Bridge

Fatih Bridge

Sarayiçi, which is one of the historical districts of Edirne city, houses many important structures such as Kırkpınar Square, Av Köşkü, Justice Palace and the historical Edirne Palace. One of the most important works of this region is Fatih Bridge. Fatih Bridge is located exactly between Demirkapı and Justice Building. Located on the Tunca River, the bridge always attracts local and foreign visitors. Although no clear information on the date of construction has yet been reached, historians estimate that the bridge was built during the reign of Fatih. In many sources, the construction year of Fatih Bridge is 1452. Fatih Bridge has three separate sections in total. The sections in the middle are large and the sections in the side are relatively small. The flood wounds and evacuation eyes are remarkable at this point. The bridge, on the other hand, has a total of 34 meters high draining eyes. The construction of the bridge, which was built by the order of Mehmet the Conqueror, takes one year. It is known that the Conqueror built the bridge for the Saray-ı Cedid at that time. Fatih Bridge is also close to Balkan martyrdom. Edirne Palace, located near the bridge, was used as an Arsenal for a period. For this reason, the Fatih Bridge was also referred to as the Arsenal Bridge in those years. After the palace burned down, it was also called The Cavalry Bridge because of its proximity to the Cavalry Barracks. Cut stone is used in the construction of Fatih Bridge, one of the most important bridges in Edirne. The arches of the bridge are in the form of spikes. During the period when the bridge was built, arrangements were made to allow the use of the leading names of the palace. The piers and marble floorboards, which are more easily accessible to the sandals, can be analyzed in this way. Fatih Bridge connects Sarayiçi with Balkan martyrdom. Evliya Çelebi used words of praise about the bridge in his famous work, travelogue.

Fatih BridgeFatih Bridge


  • rumeysacakmakk
    16.09.2022 07:41

    Tarihten esintiler sunan Fatih köprüsü ve civarındaki yerler bizi Osmanlı'ya götürüyor. Edirne'yi gezerken bu alana da mutlaka uğrayın.


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