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Castle Of Enez

Castle Of Enez

The castle of Enez was situated on a high hill in ancient times. According to Prokopios ' records, the castle was built at that time to prevent incursions through the Balkans. There is no clear date for the construction of the castle. However, the materials on the walls offer important details about the fact that the castle was built before the Byzantine period. It is also apparent that the first major repair of the castle took place in the 6th century. The castle was repaired by Justinian at that time. Ancient architectural pieces and sac stones are among the materials used in this restoration process that took place in the 12th century. The central entrance to the castle is located in the eastern section. There are also two separate doors that allow you to enter from the North and East. 15 different towers, separated from each other by format, support the structure. The total height of the rampart is approximately 25 meters. The width of the wall approaches three meters in certain sections. There is a multi-pointed tower in the part of the walls facing the sea section. Unfortunately, the tower on the right can't reach today. The walls extending from the western section draw a slope towards the inner section and join with the wall coming from the southern section. In this way, this area of the castle produces an interesting image similar to the Half Dome. It is mentioned that the castle provides a very successful protection against the dangers, especially from the river Meriç. Some pottery remains recovered during archaeological excavations around the castle reveal the fact that the settlement dates back to the Chalcolithic periods. Another important part of Enez Castle is the Fatih Mosque. This place also is known as Hagia Sophia church. A very important part of the Fatih Mosque has managed to reach today. After the capture of Enez in 1456, the church was converted into a mosque. Fatih Mosque was used actively until 1965.

Castle Of EnezCastle Of EnezCastle Of EnezCastle Of Enez


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