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Edirne Palace

Edirne Palace

The palace, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period, was built in 1450 in Edirne and is one of the most prominent historical values of the city. Today, the construction of Edirne Palace surrounded by Tunca River was started in the time of II. Murad being 6th Ottoman Sultan and finished in the time of Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror, who conquered Istanbul in 1453. II.Murad's death would be a reason for long construction period of the palace.The palace, which was expanded with the addition of new parts during the ongoing centuries, suffered havoc in the 18th century due to both fire and earthquakes that struck the city. In the middle of the 19th century, it underwent series of repairs and was restored. The Ottoman-Russian war in 1876-77 brought destruction to the 400-year-old palace. Archaeological excavations in the palace turning into ruins today is carried out in the past years. Some projects related to the excavations are also known to be ongoing. When its structural features are examined, Edirne Palace houses Cihannüma Kasrı, whose only stone blocks remain standing. This structure, although in ruins, is considered to be the most valuable historical structure in Edirne. The palace was an extensive complex with privy chamber, seven rooms, sancak-ı Sharif Department, bath and library. Over time, the palace, where various mansions were built, could be protected by waterways without palace walls.

Edirne PalaceEdirne Palace


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    Osmanlı döneminin ilk sarayı, her ne kadar bir çok yapısı ayakta kalmış olmasa da cihannuma, matbah-ı amire, kum kasrı hamamı adalet kulesi ve köprüyleriyle sizi heyecanlandırmaya yetecektir.


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