Defterdar Mosque

Defterdar Mosque

Defterdar Mosque

When the mosques left over from the Ottoman period are considered, the first city that comes to mind is usually Edirne.The city was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for nearly 100 years and also contained many minorities.The Defterdar Mosque, one of the most important worship centers of the city, was built by Mustafa Pasha to Mimar Sinan. Mustafa Pasha is also known as the Bookkeeper of Suleyman The Magnificent. Defterdar mosque is also referred to as Koca Mustafa Pasha Mosque in some sources. The year of construction of the mosque is recorded as 1576.The mosque is particularly affected by the great earthquake in 1752.During that period, the dome completely collapses and is repaired with a wooden roof. Especially Haci Ruşen Efendi stands out in these repairs.The mosque is used in this form for a very long time. After the other earthquake in 1953, it was converted back into a domed state, just like the original one.A new parish section is also added in the repair works at that time. After the earthquake, the repair works continue for nine years and the mosque reopens for worship in 1962. Beylerbeyi mosque is located in the center of Edirne, right next to Edirne Teacher's House on Talat Pasha Street, and today it is under the control of the Foundations Administration.The mosque has a modest structure with a single dome. Today, the original mihrab is not in place except for some decorations in the mosque. Likewise, the wooden pulpit is among the sections that do not reach today. Today, it is not possible to visit the mosque during the day, which is open only during prayer times. Sultan Selim mosque, Rustem Pasha Caravanserai, Mehmet Pasha Bath and Beylerbeyi Mosque are among the other works that are very close to here. Therefore, those who visit the mosque get the chance to see these important works.

Defterdar MosqueDefterdar MosqueDefterdar MosqueDefterdar Mosque



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