The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue, located within the borders of Edirne, is among the most important cultural heritage of the city. The synagogue built in 1907,opens to meet the worship needs of the Jewish population living in the city at the time. For the Jews living in Edirne today, this is the only legacy that remains albeit symbolically.Recently connected to the Directorate of Foundations, the structure is involved in an important restoration process.Reflections of the Maftirim (Sufi music of the Ottoman Jews composed with the makams of classical Ottoman music) tradition find its place within the synagogue.In fact, according to most sources, Maftirim tradition was born in Edirne itself. Early in the past century, Hazans would gather at the Great Synagogue every morning just before dispersing to different synagogues.In this sense, this place was a kind of meeting and gathering place for them.In 1906 Edirne faced a great fire disaster and 14 synagogues were destroyed as a result of this fire.The Great Synagogue was built at exactly the end of this process.The fire caused significant damage to many structures in Edirne during those years. It also adversely affected the economic and socio-cultural structure of the city. The French architect France Depre had important efforts in the construction of the synagogue.The construction of the Great Synagogue was supported by different countries economically.Hungary and Germany in particular are among the leading countries in this aid.The building, which was the first largest synagogue in the Balkans and the third largest in Europe at the time, was actively used for about 50 years. You can visit the synagogue every day except Monday, between 09:00 and 18:00. You don't have to pay any fees to visit the Great Synagogue.

The Great SynagogueThe Great SynagogueThe Great Synagogue


  • acelyaabasar
    26.10.2022 13:40

    Restorasyonu çok güzel olmuş. Birçok yapı yangında zarar görünce dönemin padişahı tarafından tek bir tane büyük sinagog yapılması emri verilmiş, bölge yahudileri ibadethanesiz bırakılmamıştır.


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