Bayezid Bridge

Bayezid Bridge

Bayezid Bridge

Beyazid bridge over the Tunca River, which passes through the heart of Edirne and surrounds the city's many beauties, has been standing for centuries.In 1488, the historic bridge which was thought to be built by II.Bayezit, is quite remarkable with its 78-meter length. Its width is about 6 meters. Although the date of construction of the bridge is not clear, it is known that it was built to provide transportation between the nearby social complex (külliye) and the city.It is known that the completion date of the mosque in the said complex is 1488. Since it is widely believed that the construction of the bridge was needed at the same time as the külliye in order for the people of the city to come to the mosque, the probability of the bridge completed at these dates is close to 100 percent. The structure, which was used cut stone in its construction, is also referred to as The New Imaret Bridge.The structure, which has 6 large eyes, also has drain eyes.Beyazid Bridge, one of the historical symbols of Edirne, offers the appearance of a classic bridge with its short fears. The bridge between 2. Beyazıt Kulliyesi and Saraçhane Setboyu Street is open for use today. On the other hand, the bridge is as scarce as hen’s teeth for the photography enthusiasts.As well as the reflections of the river waters of the bridge, which has a rich visual atmosphere in the city, the mosque and the visual feast in the background are also wonderful. Surrounded entirely by the Turkish architectural tradition, the bridge has artistic value and is one of the buildings proposed to be seen especially for cultural tourism enthusiasts.

Bayezid BridgeBayezid BridgeBayezid BridgeBayezid Bridge


  • rumeysacakmakk
    10.11.2022 11:01

    Edirne İkinci Beyazıt Köprüsü, II. Bayezid tarafından Edirne'de Tunca nehri üzerinde inşa ettirilen köprü. II. Bayezid Edirne'deki büyük külliyesinin şehirle bağlantısını sağlamak amacıyla bu köprüyü inşa ettirdi.


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