Military Hospital Fountain

Military Hospital Fountain

Military Hospital Fountain

The famous Military Hospital Fountain in Edirne is known today as the Women's Park(Kadınlar Parkı).The historic fountain is included in a horizontal rectangular area.The height of the fountain from the ground is 2 meters 86 cm.The official property rights of the Military Hospital Fountain are located in Edirne Municipality.The fountain still continues to flow actively today.The Fountain of the Military Hospital was originally built directly into the garden section of the former Military Central Hospital, but was moved to its present location by the municipality in 1971 as it came to the stage of demolition. In the inscription on the fountain, it is possible to reach some general information. According to what is written here, the Chief Physician of the hospital, plays an important role in the construction phase of the fountain.He is also very interested in the culture and history of this place after moving to Edirne.The year of construction of the fountain corresponds to the year 1911.Typhoid and cholera become epidemic diseases in the city during that period.As a result of this epidemic, three doctors working in the hospital pass away.The Military Hospital Fountain is therefore dedicated to the people who died at that time. The Fountain keeps alive the memories of a negative period in Edirne's history. According to the information in the inscription, It is seen that the outbreak lasted until 1914.A total of 72 people died from these diseases at the military hospital.The north-facing portion of the fountain is raised from the corner sections.There is a niche with pointed arches in the facade section.At the focal point of the niche, mirror stones made of marble draw attention.An inscription is placed on top of this mirror stone.At the end of the mirror stone,there is a sliced crown.After the fountain is moved to its present location, all its deficiencies are resolved.Today, both facades of the fountain continue to flow uninterrupted.

Military Hospital FountainMilitary Hospital FountainMilitary Hospital Fountain


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