Dragonfly Hill Inscriptions

Dragonfly Hill Inscriptions

Dragonfly Hill Inscriptions

Dragonfly Hill Inscriptions are located on the summit of Yusufçuktepe. This place can also be considered as the immediate edge of the road, which has the function of connecting the Anafarta plain to Little Anafarta. The region is known as ’Dragonfly Hill‘ and is named by foreigners as ’Scimitar Hill'. This can also be translated into Turkish as ‘Pala Hill’. The yellow stones located on the hill are the main reason why it is named this way. The height in the form of a scythe resembles a traditional Turkish machete. The monument consists of three separate stone veneer inscriptions at the basic level. During the Battle of Anafartalar, the enemy soldiers heading towards the harbor advance up this hill. Colonel Mustafa Kemal successfully served as commander of the Anafartalar Group at that time. As a result of the communication, the enemy forces are pushed towards limestone. In the 2.Battle of the Anafarta, the strength of the enemy forces is weakened. As a result, 8 thousand 155 soldiers were killed by the Turkish army, while the enemy forces suffered a loss of 20 thousand. A wide-ranging repair work has recently been started for some inscriptions located within the Gallipoli peninsula. The number of these inscriptions is 15 in total. Besides the Dragonfly Tepe Inscriptions, places such as Ariburnu, Conkbayırı, Kireçtepe Gendarmerie Monument are also repaired within this scope. Gallipoli historical site presidency of the Gallipoli Wars takes the lead in all these studies. These studies cover a total period of 250 days. The Dragonfly Hill Inscriptions are reopened after repair. Cracks in stone coatings or deterioration in planting are removed. The exposed or rusting irons are repaired in the same way and the Department of Conservation Central Laboratory officially explains all restoration work. The Dragonfly Hill Inscriptions, in their renewed form, await visitors to the area throughout the year. The Turkish texts on Dragonfly Tepe Inscriptions can be read very clearly.

Dragonfly Hill InscriptionsDragonfly Hill InscriptionsDragonfly Hill InscriptionsDragonfly Hill Inscriptions



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