Ancient City of Troy

Ancient City of Troy

Ancient City of Troy

The ancient city of Troy, located about 30 km south of the Çanakkale city center, is one of the most interesting tourist centers not only in the region but also in Turkey. The ruins of the historic city, where the first settlement dates back 5 thousand years and continued until 400 B.C., are also considered the most famous archaeological sites in the world. What makes the ancient city of Troy being in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site such a famous is undoubtedly the epic of Homer's Iliad. In terms of Western civilization, this saga began to be processed in elementary school years, while it has been engraved in memory for many years, this must be the reason why the ancient settlement attracts such a high number of foreign tourists today! The ancient city of Troy, the subject of legends, is particularly prominent with its legend. In this myth, which is also the subject of films, Akalar cannot take the city at the foot of Goose Mountain despite a nine-year siege. Thereupon, commander Odysseus orders a wooden horse of giant size to be made. According to the plan, the horse, which was made of wood into which Greek soldiers were placed, would be given as a gift for the armistice so that it could be entered into the city. The clever plan succeeds, and the soldiers who hideout sneak out of it one night and take over the city and burn it down, killing the Troy soldiers who were drunk at the time. Commander Odysseus also reunites with Helen of Troy, whom he falls in love with, which causes the war. Helen is believed to be the daughter of Zeus. The historical region where the war took place has maintained its importance for centuries. As well as having nine urban layers, the ancient city of Troy contains 42 building layers in total. It is understood that the city has been demolished and re-established countless times. Today, the ruins of the theatre, bath and sewer system can be seen in the area in question.

Ancient City of TroyAncient City of TroyAncient City of TroyAncient City of Troy


  • muratball
    29.06.2022 08:00

    Tarihe ilginiz varsa zaten çok fazla sorgulayacağınız bir yer bu topraklarda başka medeniyetlerinde yaşadığını bilmek güzel ve farklı hissettiriyor :)


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