Nusret Minesweeper

Nusret Minesweeper

Nusret Minesweeper

With British and French ships being at the entrance to the Çanakkale in 1914, the castle walls with their artillery fuse is burning, the scene of bloody battles on the Gallipoli peninsula between 1915 and 1916, one of the symbols of the war of the Ottoman Empire is Nusret Minesweeper. The German-produced minesweeper began her mission at Çanakkale in 1914. Because of its design, it was able to move successfully through the narrow strait. The mines laid by the strategic decisions taken, in World War I, the Entente States, which were enemies of the Ottoman Empire, caused great damage to their ships. There were ships sunk and damaged, but the Nusret minesweeper was one of the most important items that changed the course of the war. She remained in office for many years following the war. She was sold to the private sector in 1962 and provided function as a freighter until 1990. However, she sank off the coast of Mersin port that year. The ship, which remained under water until 2000, has historical and spiritual importance and has been removed with intensive work. Today, the sailed copy of the ship on display in Tarsus can be visited in front of the Çanakkale Naval Museum.

Nusret MinesweeperNusret MinesweeperNusret MinesweeperNusret Minesweeper


  • muratball
    29.06.2022 07:41

    Deniz müzesi içinde orjinalliğine sadık bir şekilde tekrar yapılmış içinde boğaz savaşını anlatan bir görselde mevcut bakmanızı tavsiye ederim:)

  • mustafaalii
    20.06.2022 11:51

    Okurken kendimi tarihin derin sayfaları arasında hissettim adeta.


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