Sand Island

Sand Island

Sand Island

Kum(Sand) Island, which is located within the borders of Çanakkale, has been frequented by rheumatism patients especially in the recent period. In this context, it can be said that many people from outside the city are interested in the island. The island, which stands out with a coastal connection of about 100 meters, has the appearance of a small pond. It is believed that the island is healing, especially during the summer months when interest begins to increase. An interesting feature of Sand Island is that it suddenly turns pink in spring. Amateur or professional photographers flock to the area to witness this visual feast. Here, the image formed by the blooming of flowers is very impressive. This particular island also has an interesting story that has been told for years. According to the belief, this island is formed by growing as a result of an hermit let the chips fall as they may. Rumour has it that Gazi Süleyman Pasha wants to come to Gallipoli on rafts. Meanwhile, a man named Mad Red Sultan wants to ride the same raft. The Mad Red Sultan is stubborn and determined. They don't want to take him to the raft, so Tue starts moving. Kizil Deli Sultan, known as Evliya, sees the rafts moving, throws the sand at his skirt and follows the rafts. These sands miraculously turn into an island. At that time, Gazi Suleyman Pasha and his companions were worried about the closing of the Strait and took the Red Mad Sultan, whom they believed to have been conquered in fear, to the raft and then they crossed to Gallipoli together. Sand Island, which is one of the most important points of health tourism in Çanakkale, is within the borders of Çardak resort. Visitors who come to the region hoping for healing prefer to bury themselves in the sand. As the region begins to popularize in this direction, service areas also increase. At the same time, some accommodation facilities also provide services in this direction.

Sand IslandSand IslandSand Island


  • sudekilic
    05.08.2022 07:25

    Çok güzel sakin bir yer Denizi seyretmek için akşam güneşi batışını seyretmek kum adasındaki kimsesiz köpekleri de besleyebilir ve sevebilirsiniz.

  • mervebakknn
    21.09.2022 08:40

    Burda otel yok pansiyon tarzi bir yer bulmanız lazım önceden gelibolundan feribot vardı arabalı şimdi onu kaldırmışlar lapsekiye var oradan 6km arasında mesafe var denizi güzel bir yer bazen kalabalik oluyor rüzgar hep var ama bazen serinletici esiyor bazen de kum kaldırıyor yerden ama hiç kesilmiyor rüzgar igde ağaçları var onların altında golgelikde oturabilirsiniz.


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