Red Ridge 125.Regimental Trenches

Red Ridge 125.Regimental Trenches

Red Ridge 125.Regimental Trenches

One of the most interesting historical sites in Çanakkale is undoubtedly Red Ridge 125.Regimental Trenches. Just past the Kanlısırt inscription, you can see a sign with the name of this regiment in the right section. The tunnel at this point is immediately prominent. Battles with tunnels are called sewer battles. These tunnels have a very important effect on some victories. Immediately after the tunnel visit, throw yourself across and face 92-year-old trenches. Red Ridge 125.Regimental Trenches keep alive the significance of the date May 19. As known, an attack against 13 thousand ANZAC soldiers with around 42 thousand combatants is organized to pour the enemy to sea. On the same day, the British learned that the Turks were moving to attack, thanks to balloon discoveries. So on the same day Anzac soldiers perform their preparations accordingly. Among these 42 thousand Turkish soldiers, there were many young people from universities or medical schools. The inexperienced student gets the chance to learn the time of the enemy's attack in advance because the soldiers make noise at night. ANZAC soldiers, prepared for the night-time offensive, would shoot Turkish soldiers with approximately one million bullets. Therefore, a very serious casualty occurs. Unfortunately, the Turkish attack somehow fails. In fact, some of the fallen soldiers remain in the trenches also starts to smell because of the heat. Therefore, a nine-hour gentleman's agreement takes place between the two fronts. During this short-lived truce, the Turkish side would have the opportunity to bury its soldiers. Red Ridge 125.Regimental Trenches are etched into memories as the place where these painful memories happened. Therefore, it is shown among the most wrenching places of Canakkale visits. Don't forget to visit this area, which is home to very fierce trench warfare.

Red Ridge 125.Regimental TrenchesRed Ridge 125.Regimental TrenchesRed Ridge 125.Regimental TrenchesRed Ridge 125.Regimental Trenches



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