Karye Museum of Technology

Karye Museum of Technology

Karye Museum of Technology

Karye Museum of Technology, also known as ‘Museum Of Technology From Village To City’. The museum, approved by the Ministry of Culture, is located in Yeşilyurt village within the Kaz Mountains. Classified as a boutique museum, the Karye Museum of technology is among the rare examples in its field. It houses around 500 ethnographic pieces that make our lives easier from the 18th century until today. Part of the museum has a section covering only music and press-release works. This section gives visitors the chance to experience being quite interesting. A significant portion of the pieces in the museum belong to the Ottoman period. Visitors to the Museum get a chance to witness how the technology has gained momentum recently. The development of certain objects is particularly interesting. From communication to illumination, from shelter to warming, many collections add special value to the museum. In particular, the most unknown products or parts of very large brands such as Opel, Motorola, Mercedes are exhibited in the museum. The evolution of products such as phones, radio and television is quite surprising. Typewriters, calculators and fax devices are also valuable in the museum. In a section of the Karye Museum of Technology, newspapers belonging to the days of very important events are exhibited. At the same time, the first works written by great writers find their place here in their original form. Always adding new works ensures that the museum remains dynamic and up-to-date. In this sense, the Technology Museum from Village to City continues its development with a certain momentum. When you come to the Karye Museum, you can see that Peugeot actually produced a coffee machine at one time or that Opel, one of the popular brands of today, initially produced a sewing machine. The museum is today merged into the hotel format. The museum, created as a detached museum in a large wooded area, gives you the chance to make a culturally rich journey.

Karye Museum of TechnologyKarye Museum of TechnologyKarye Museum of TechnologyKarye Museum of Technology


  • mervebakknn
    21.09.2022 08:56

    Geçmişte Opel'in dikiş makinesi, Mercedes'in daktilo, Peugeot'un kahve makinesi ürettiğini biliyor muydunuz? :) Ben bu müzede öğrendim. Koleksiyon gerçekten çok güzel. Yeşilyurt köyüne kadar gelmişken kesinlikle gezilmeli


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