Gallipoli Mevlevihanesi

Gallipoli Mevlevihanesi

Gallipoli Mevlevihanesi

Gallipoli Mevlevihanesi is known as a place where the ordeal was extracted and the dervishes were raised. This mevlevihane is thought to have been built in the 17th century. Apart from the shrine, the crown gate and semahane are among the structures reaching to this day. Agazade Mehmet Hakiki Dede is the contructor of Gallipoli Mevlevihane. In this respect, the place is also called ‘Agazade Dergahı (dervish lodge)’. He would rather give this place to his brother and leave the world behind. The last Sheik here is Burhaneddin Dede. He joined the regiment under the command of the 4th Army and remained in Damascus for three years. During the war against enemy forces, this Mevlevihane was used as a kind of headquarters. In this context, Mevlevihane remains connected to the military field for many years. In 1994, the General Directorate of Foundations decided to purchase this place and after extensive repairs it was opened to visitors in 2005. The usage rights and control of Gallipoli Mevlevihane are transferred to the district governor today. As is known, Mevlevi houses play an active role in the spread of Mevlevi culture during the Ottoman period. In this way, Mevlevism spread to very large areas in the Ottoman Empire in a short period of time. It is known that during certain periods Mevlevihanes also functioned as cultural and art centers. Sema ceremonies are held here regularly every month. At the same time, various events are organized in the context of traditional Şeb-i Aruz ceremonies. The fact that Gallipoli Mevlevihanesi is by the sea provides an important advantage in terms of tourist attractions. Evliya Çelebi gives a lot of information about Mevlevihane. He states that he participated in many of Aghazade's lectures and conversations here. On the other hand, Sineçak states that Osman Dede stayed in this Mevlevihane for a period. The exact date of construction of Gallipoli Mevlevihane is uncertain because its foundation certificate-charter has not reached today. Although this date is mentioned in some sources as 1667, it was later determined that this information was incorrect.

Gallipoli MevlevihanesiGallipoli MevlevihanesiGallipoli MevlevihanesiGallipoli Mevlevihanesi


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