Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument

Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument

Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument

Çanakkale is a very important city for our recent history. For this reason, visitors to the city are generally interested in works that offer traces from that period. In this sense, the city is more than enough to respond to expectations. Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park Monument is one of these points. Today, these inscriptions are five in total. The works designed by architect Ahmet Gülgönen are selected first in a special competition organized in 1970. As it is expected, the monument is built in memory of the heroic soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of the Çanakkale. “Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument construction and survival association” makes important initiatives in the construction of the Park monument. Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument was completed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1981 and takes its final form. The monument is stationed on top of a hill with an altitude of 160. As will be remembered in the Battle of the Çanakkale, the soldiers who ran out of ammunition were forced to withdraw by Atatürk. This is exactly where the bayonet-wearing soldiers have achieved a great victory. Therefore, in the process of liberation, Conkbayiri stands in a very special place from a spiritual point of view. In a sense, the heaviest slap hit to the enemy takes place here, and the extent of the battle changes from that point on. Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument covers the hill almost completely. In this sense, it is large and imposing enough to be noticed even from far away. The Five Fingers of a praying soldier are preferred as figures in the monument, which consists of five separate concrete panels. Conkbayir is famours for Atatürk's famous saying "I am not ordering you to fight, I am ordering you to die! That's how we save time for the soldiers who come to help us in the time it takes to die.” that's where he made his sentence. Recently, a new study has been commissioned to repair the trenches located here. Unfortunately, the region faces a level of damage that is not worthy of the moral value of this place. The final repair of the trenches takes place in the early 1980s.

Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument Conkbayırı Mehmetçik Park monument



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