Çanakkale Clock Tower

Çanakkale Clock Tower

Çanakkale Clock Tower

There are structures that define the historical identity of cities. Mosques, caravanserais, inns, madrasas, fountains, clock towers are one of them, no doubt. One of the landmarks of the historical city of Çanakkale in the west of Turkey, which lies on the shores of Marmara and Aegean Sea, is the Çanakkale Clock Tower. The construction date of the Çanakkale Clock Tower in the Central District dates back to 1896. The tower has five floors and greets the city with a total length of 20 meters. It draws attention to its square-shaped plan, which is examined as it is raised from the ground. At the top, there is a pavilion covered with clocks and bells as well as a dome. There is also a small fountain made of marble on the floor. Its decorations on the third floor, its decorative small columns, some of the places covered with Çanakkale ceramics can be shown among the outstanding details. Built of cut stone, the Çanakkale Clock Tower is also famous for its openings, balconies and pointed arched doors...In inscription, in which the information about the structure of the Ottoman Sultan II. Abdülhamit's tughra is listed, can be seen. The landmark of Çanakkale, which has walking areas in front of it, is also appreciated with its shops around it and its pleasant lighting in the evening hours.

Çanakkale Clock TowerÇanakkale Clock TowerÇanakkale Clock TowerÇanakkale Clock Tower


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