Bozcaada Museum

Bozcaada Museum

Bozcaada Museum

Bozcaada Museum offers a lot of data to its visitors about both the island and Çanakkale. In this sense, it stands out as a place of intense interest to local visitors in Çanakkale. Bozcaada Museum, which is one of the places you should not skip to add color to your island days, has a very warm atmosphere. In this sense, it stands in a different place than the usual distant museums. Especially the design of the museum and the presentation of the works are constructed very successfully. Description parts also have a memorizing quality. The collection of the Bozcaada Museum is updated quickly every year. The Bozcaada Museum is mainly intended to reveal the history of the island. When we look at the establishment process of the museum, it is seen that personal initiatives play a very important role. In particular, the individual efforts of Hakan Gürüney are very effective during the establishment of the museum. The fact that Bozcaada has a fairly rich history is reflected in the museum as well. You can buy ceramic trophies, rings and necklaces from the museum's store area as much as you like, apart from postcards and books. Replica coins are among the works of particular interest in this area. The Museum of Bozcaada also reflects Greek culture tremendously. It has even been awarded a UNESCO award for successfully promoting Greece outside the country. The museum also has an important share in relations between Greece and Turkey. The section in which old Bozcaada paintings are displayed welcomes visitors to the entrance. At the same time, many documents and materials from the Ottoman period are exhibited in the museum. Since this place was used as a base point during the Gallipoli campaign, there are many materials left over from the war period. Interesting items used by Greeks or Turks in their homes also find their own place in the museum. In addition, the reenactment corners for the tradesmen who operated in the area between 1925 and 1965 have been distributed to different areas of the museum.

Bozcaada MuseumBozcaada MuseumBozcaada MuseumBozcaada Museum


  • sudekilic
    05.08.2022 07:02

    Bozcaada ya adım atar atmaz gitmeniz gereken bir yer. Ada nın tanıtımının yapıldığı ortodoksların günlük yaşantısı ile alakalı detaylarda var.


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