Bozcaada Castle

Bozcaada Castle

Bozcaada Castle

When you come to Bozcaada, the first place that will attract your attention, even while you are still on the ferry, will of course be the castle, which can be seen from many places. Bozcaada Castle, which has an imposing appearance, reflects the deep past of the region. Although Bozcaada has the appearance of a small and modest town, the size of the castle is surprising. Bozcaada Castle is located at the exit of the Bosphorus. It is also very close to the mainland. This advantageous situation is effective in making the region a point of attraction for years. The fact that the island is very open to invasion necessitates the castle. The existence of the castle also makes the local people feel safe to a great extent. Bozcaada Castle stands out as one of the most well-protected castles in Turkey throughout history. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly by whom and when the castle was built. Despite this, it has been determined that the castle was used by the Genoese and Venetians. As it is known, it was rebuilt on the ruins during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror. At the end of the wars between the Ottomans and Venice, the castle suffers a serious destruction. II. During the reign of Mahmut, it went through a comprehensive repair process. It is known that this repair took place in 1815. Located on a rocky area, Bozcaada Castle is surrounded by a water-filled moat. In the past, the castle was entered through a hanging door. Today, the entrance is made over a normal bridge. Contrary to its past appearance, the castle is empty. The castle, which also hosts festivals and concerts from time to time, can be described as quite active as it hosts such organizations. There is a special room where amphorae are placed in the 'Inner Castle' part of Bozcaada Castle. Many historical tombstones unearthed from the island are also exhibited in this garden area. The castle, which is open to visitors between 10.00 and 20.00, is also very easy to reach thanks to the ferries departing from Geyikli Pier.

Bozcaada CastleBozcaada CastleBozcaada CastleBozcaada Castle


  • sudekilic
    05.08.2022 07:10

    Sadece dışardan gezmek yetmez. Her Bozcaadaya gidenin kaleyi de gezmesini tavsiye ediyorum. Güzel fotoğraf kareleri çıkacağınada emin olabilirsiniz.

  • samet
    27.10.2022 18:22

    Muhteşem ve çok güzel korunmuş bir eser.


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