Ayazma Monastery

Ayazma Monastery

Ayazma Monastery

Ayazma comes from the Greek word ‘hagiasme’, which is known to mean ‘holy water’. In fact, the natural water resources in many parts of Turkey are referred by this name. Bozcaada ayazması is located on the southern side of the region. In the same area there are old plane trees and a small monastery outside the double corrugated fountain. Ayazma Monastery belongs to the Greek Orthodox community. It is known that the monastery was built in the name of Aya Paraskevi. Even in the city of Istanbul, there are five churches dedicated to the same Saint. Manolaki Manolidis played an important role in the construction process of Ayazma Monastery. The monastery is open for worship today only for special occasions. The surrounding area of Ayazma Monastery consists of large wooded areas. Ayazma region, where there are non-stop flowing fountains and picnic areas, is met with great interest in the summer months. Every year in July ‘Ayazma Fair’ is organized in Ayazma Monastery. At this fair, the first grapes of the year are blessed. Dikek cave is located at the bottom of Ayazma Monastery, which is among the buildings that attracted the attention of those who came to the region in the first place. People who visit here light candles and offer sacrificies. On the other hand, with stones or shrubs, they form shapes that symbolize what they wish for. It is said that there were around 36 monasteries in Bozcaada with this monastery in the past. Very few of these survive to this day. Only two have survived today. A private restaurant run by a Greek family is located in the garden part of Ayazma Monastery. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also arranged in accordance with the monastery. There is also a small chapel near Ayazma Monastery. This monastery is also referred to as Paraskevi Monastery'. Many legends about Ayazma Monastery are narrated. Even in Haluk Sahin's book ‘Bozcaada’, these legends are widely included.

Ayazma MonasteryAyazma MonasteryAyazma MonasteryAyazma Monastery


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    Koca çınar ağaçlarının altında bulunan küçük bir manastır özellikle gün batımına doğru gelip akşamı keyifle geçirebilirsiniz. Buraya uğramadan bozcaada gezinizi sonlandırmayın bence.


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