Temple Of Athena

Temple Of Athena

Temple Of Athena

On the summit of the Acropolis, which overlooks the waters 289 meters above, there is a magnificent temple built in the name of Athena, goddess of Fordress. Although the exact date of construction is not known, it is thought that this temple was built in 530 BC. When the temple is examined architecturally, its structure resembles houses called megaran. The rows of columns around the temple offer traces of the Periptenos line. The columns average around five metres. When we examine the temple today, we can see that some of the pillars are still standing, except for some of the basic pillars. Among these pillars is the one who still carries his capital today. On top of the capital there are architraves equipped with embroidery decorations. On top of them are metopes. In the same way, embroidery decorations are remarkable. In embroidery, usually horse riders or hunting scenes are rendered. In fact, certain parts of these motifs are exhibited in some museums. The temple is very simple and has only one structure, but it also contains the grandeur of simplicity. It is covered with a roof resting on wooden beams. Despite this, the Temple of Athena is regarded as one of the most important structures in the ruins of Assos. It is possible to find traces of both the Doric and the Ionian styles, and the moonlight, which appears at night, creates a wonderful image. At the first light of the day, visitors are greeted by the exquisite view of the Bay of Edremit. Today, there is not much of a structure other than a two-step podium, but the Temple of Athena, located at the foot of the Kaz Mountains, is the focus of interest for both local and foreign tourists. The first excavations in the Assos region began 120 years ago, however, the Temple of Athena was replaced among the first remains unearthed. The temple is quite impressive from a visual point of view, so it offers a good form in terms of taking pictures.

Temple Of AthenaTemple Of AthenaTemple Of AthenaTemple Of Athena


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    21.09.2022 08:35

    Mükemmel bir yer. Assos’a kadar geldiyseniz kesinlikle görmelisiniz. İçeride tüm alanı gezmenizi, geziye başlamadan önce de yanınıza su almanızı öneriyorum. Müzekartınız yoksa girişte çıkarabilirsiniz. Onun dışında giriş ücreti 50TL.

  • leylaxsevenn
    17.08.2022 07:58

    Görkemli sütunları ile dikkat çekici, bulunduğu konum ile harika manzaraya sahip. Gün batımını izlemek ayrı güzeldi


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