Alçıtepe Salim Mutlu Museum

Alçıtepe Salim Mutlu Museum

Alçıtepe Salim Mutlu Museum

Alçıtepe Salim Mutlu Museum, located at the entrance point of Alçıtepe, which is connected to Çanakkale, affects its visitors with its extensive area. This museum is also quite interesting with its story. Salim Mutlu, who gave the museum its name, is essentially a shopkeeper in the past in this area. In this process, he begins to collect traces of the wars from the fields or the surrounding villages one by one. However, those who live in the village prefer to collect and sell these objects as scrap during the same period. This tendency of Salim Mutlu soon turns into a great passion, and the objects in his hands soon reach an incredible level. Salim Mutlu, who is also the son of a family of immigrant origin, transforms part of his grocery store into a small and quaint museum. A part of the grocery store continues for a long time in the form of a part museum. The pieces collected here are now given to the Museum located in Kabatepe. When Salim Mutlu died in 2004, his children took charge of the museum. These historical and exciting objects, exhibited in the great halls, consist largely of personal items belonging to Turkish and enemy forces. Cannonballs, scattered pieces or military clothing are also exhibited in this boutique museum. A large monument created from bullet casings meets you right at the entrance. Many important photographs from the Gallipoli Campaign are shared within the museum. Visiting the Alçıtepe Salim Mutlu Museum will give you the chance to see another aspect of the war. Alçitepe Salim Mutlu Museum can be visited free of charge. Those who wish can make an independent donation to the museum. The old name of the village to which it is affiliated is Kitre. After visiting the museum, you can also explore the beauties of this village. The population of this village is largely the emigrants who came after 1934. Alçitepe Salim Mutlu Museum is the first private museum established on the Gallipoli peninsula.

Alçıtepe Salim Mutlu MuseumAlçıtepe Salim Mutlu MuseumAlçıtepe Salim Mutlu MuseumAlçıtepe Salim Mutlu Museum


  • leylaxsevenn
    17.08.2022 07:16

    Salim Mutlu Bey'in hassasiyetle bulduğu ve topladığı savaş eserlerinin sergilendiği hoş bir müze. Müze kart geçerli değil ama giriş fiyatları uygun


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