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Aquarium Cove

Aquarium Cove

Located in Çanakkale, Bozcaada is considered not only the city but also one of Turkey's destinations for holidays. Recently, the region has taken on a popular identity with the influence of social media. Bozcaada is so popular, of course, because the influence of the bays and beaches here is great. It is possible to encounter different bays within the island at very short intervals. The fact that the bays are extremely clean is another important factor in choosing them. Aquarium Bay is a relatively prominent place on the island. The Bay is always included in the list of places to visit in Bozcaada. Essentially this is known as a very small but dense beach. The Bay, which managed to stay clear despite the crowd, was named after this feeling because it had the feeling that it was swimming in an aquarium with its immaculate appearance. It is even possible to see the bottom of the water while swimming here. From this point of view, bringing underwater goggles to the Bay allows you to make beautiful discoveries under the sea. As with other beaches on the island, the water here is generally cold. There is a small sea buffet floating in the Bay. This small and charming buffet meets many needs. The impact of the waves is not felt thanks to the rocky ledge on the side of the Bay. This helps you swim safely over a long distance. For those who do not know how to swim, structure of the bay is an important advantage. Minibuses departing from the district center can be easily preferred to come to Aquarium Bay. When you go to the extreme point through the marbles rocks provided that you follow on foot, you can enter the sea As with other bays and beaches in Bozcaada, it is free to enter the Aquarium Bay. There is no umbrella or chaise lounge service as there are no facilities operating here. We recommend that you bring such materials with you. It is also possible to rent such materials daily at the floating kiosk.

Aquarium CoveAquarium CoveAquarium CoveAquarium Cove


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    Yazın Ayazma plajına giderken bir uğrayıp görelim demistik. Etrafında bir sürü karavan ve kampçı vardi. Tabi ki bizim tercihimiz Ayazma oldu.


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