Adatepe Olive Oil Museum

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum

The Adatepe olive oil museum, located in Çanakkale, stands out as the first of its kind. The museum, which has hosted thousands of visitors both domestic and foreign since 2001, has a highly original appearance. In Çanakkale, both olive and olive oil culture goes deep. This can be said for many Anatolian cities in general; however, Çanakkale deserves a special bracket at this point. It is of course no coincidence that such a thematic museum is located in Çanakkale. Both written and visual materials for this important product are very scarce. This deficiency speeds up the formation of the Adatepe olive oil Museum. Located in Küçükkuyu district, the Adatepe olive oil Museum is constructed from a historical soaphouse building. The restoration process here is known to have continued for many years. While the production of olive oil is carried on with the drying method, on the other hand, different materials about olive, olive oil or soap production collected from the surrounding villages are exhibited in this factory building. In the museum there are classic olive presses, very old olive collecting tools, carrying or olive storage vessels and some objects. On the other hand, in the museum, a detailed technical description of making olive oil soap in the traditional sense is made. Visitors who want to know about all the production stages of olive or olive oil from the first stage to the last stage are interested in the museum. Storage, transfer, filter-like phases can be cited as examples in this sense. At the same time, you will find a chance to taste with Village Bread in the museum. The Adatepe Olive Oil Museum, which was established with a very modern understanding, is located just at the entrance of Küçükkuyu Town. This place is also on the Izmir and Çanakkale road. You can always buy fresh olives, soap or olive oil and take it to your loved ones at the museum's shopping shops. In addition, the museum is open daily and there is no admission fee.

Adatepe Olive Oil MuseumAdatepe Olive Oil MuseumAdatepe Olive Oil MuseumAdatepe Olive Oil Museum


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    20.06.2022 11:53

    Özellikle birkaç arkadaşımın gitmesi ve önermesiyle ilgimi çeken yer. Bundan sonra bi yere gitmeden önce o yer hakkında araştırma yapıp gidicem. Bu yazılar o yüzden çok faydalı oldu.


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