Floating Stones Statue

Floating Stones Statue

Floating Stones Statue

Recently, the Floating Stones Statue in the city of Bursa is on the agenda again. These interesting sculptures, which were commissioned by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 2012, faced a serious reaction at the time, especially due to the cost of their construction. Although a claim about the demolition of statues is on the agenda these days, the municipal authorities deny this claim for the time being. The Floating Stones Statue, which does not fully see the attention it expects, is located in the Altiparmak region of Bursa. This building, which was given to the architecture of the city, was commissioned by a German sculptor.

The Floating Stones Statue represents the traditional shadow plays outside Hacivat Karagöz. In the first year of its opening, a television channel in Germany makes a special documentary about these stones. Even though it has received acclaim abroad, the statues do not receive passing grades from the people of Bursa. The concretion and high costs of an important square of the city, in particular, are the focus of these responses. The project covers a period of one year in total. German Christian Tobin, the architect of the project, states that the moving stones have a total weight of 15 tons. The movement of the statues is achieved by water pressure. All of the stones used here are taken from within the city of Bursa. The world-famous sculptor concludes this work with his team. Around ten public buildings in the area were demolished to form Altiparmak Square. A small waterfall is also created in the same square on the other hand. This form of sculpture is the first to be tried in Turkey.

The Statue of Floating Stones is created in the Ovaakça region of Bursa. In a large workshop set up here, very special and rare stones are provided for the sculptures in their final shape. In particular, a special bracket can be opened for the Diabas stone, which was removed by Gemlik and which is unique to the region. Due to the two thick and three thin lines, the sculpture gives weight to Ottoman stone architecture.

Floating Stones StatueFloating Stones StatueFloating Stones StatueFloating Stones Statue



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