Yıldırım Darüşşifası(Hospital)

Yıldırım Darüşşifası(Hospital)

Yıldırım Darüşşifası(Hospital)

Yıldırım Darüşşifası, which is shown among the important buildings of Bursa, goes down in history as the First Hospital of the Ottoman Empire. Yıldırım Darüşşifası, built in 1394, is completed in four years. This is part of the great complex located in the same place. Brick and stone are used as materials. Rooms and halls are lined behind porches strongly carried by arches. The cells next to the main entrance section are the patients' application and waiting areas. The rooms here are reserved for physicians or pharmacists. Again, a large hall meets you opposite this entrance. The measures of the hall are 7.70 x 9.50 meters. The upper side of this hall is covered by a magnificent dome.

All rooms at Yıldırım Darüşşifası have furnace. To get minaret, exiting through a door in the worship area is necessary. The body of the minaret is hexadecimal and its cone is plastered. Yıldırım Darüşşifası, which was also the first Faculty of the Ottoman Empire, is located on a sloping terrain. According to the records, in the hospital , there were two doctors and one headmaster during the first periods. On the other hand, there are two different apothecaries, as well as cooks, sheret makers and bread makers.

Built by Yıldırım Bayezid, this important place has rectangular plan. The round vaults in the hospital, designed in the form of rooms lined around the courtyard, are noteworthy. Here, Cypress figures are in the foreground in ornamental details. There are concrete documents showing that there was once a medical education in Yıldırım Darüşşifası. Haji Ivaz Pasha was the one who prepared the plans for this historic building. After the Yıldırım Darüşşifası lost its function, it functioned as a gunpowder for a short period of time. This place underwent extensive repair in 1997. These repair works are carried out with the contributions of Bursa Regional Directorate of foundations. Public transportation following the Ankara Road may be preferred to go to the historical place of worship.

Yıldırım  Darüşşifası(Hospital)Yıldırım  Darüşşifası(Hospital)Yıldırım  Darüşşifası(Hospital)Yıldırım  Darüşşifası(Hospital)


  • vlknckcc
    15.11.2022 12:27

    YILDIRIM HAMAMI.. Yıldırım külliyesinin son yapısı olan ve vakfiyesindede adı geçen hamam yıldırım bayezid tarafından 1390 yılında yaptırılmıştır.


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