The Green Shrine

The Green Shrine

The Green Shrine

The Green Shrine, where local visitors flock, stands in an important place among the building communities in the Green Complex. It is known that the The Green Shrine was built specially for Çelebi Mehmed.The Green Shrine is called here because the relief tiles adorning the facade are green colored. Çelebi Mehmed is known in history as the son of Yıldırım Beyazıt. He was also the fifth of the Ottoman sultans. Written sources indicate that The Green Shrine was built in 1421. The fact that Çelebi Mehmed was seen as the second founder of the Ottoman Empire causes a special value to be attributed to him. Although he lost his life at the age of 34, he was involved in 24 separate wars in total. This shrine is completed just 40 days before his death. His death is hidden from the people for a while. Therefore, approximately 80 days after the construction of the tomb he is buried here.

There is no ark in this tomb that belongs only to Çelebi Mehmed. When you come to the tomb, it is possible to visit the crates belonging to Selcuk Hatun, Sitti Hatun and his son Mahmud Bey. It is claimed that their nanny is also buried here. Interest to The Green Shrine is higher than the Green Mosque to which the shrine is attached. This is not unusual in Ottoman architecture. The reason the mausoleum was built in this way is to emphasize the message that we were standing up against the enemies at the time. Especially after the defeat of Timur, the mausoleum is created as splendidly as possible to show that the Ottoman Empire will continue much stronger and will not be destroyed.

The architect of the Green Mausoleum was Haji Ivaz Pasha, who was a signatory of many works of that period. The miniaturists of the tomb are Elijah Ali and Haji Ahmed Tabrizi. The tomb is seen to have a body in the form of an octagonal prism. The faces on the body are formed from white marble material. The Green Shrine was finally repaired in 2009 with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and the governor of Bursa.

The Green ShrineThe Green ShrineThe Green ShrineThe Green Shrine


  • muratball
    01.07.2022 07:55

    Gerçekten çok özel bir mescit içeri girer girmez bunu hissediyorsunuz. Ayrı ayrı hikayeler var Osmanlı mimarisinde duvarları çini ile kaplı olan tek türbedir.

  • gunmemoli
    14.11.2022 06:58

    Bursa’nın en etkileyici tarihsel anıtlarından biri olan Yeşil Cami’nin güney tarafında konumlanan Yeşil Türbe, Yıldırım ilçesindeki Yeşil Mahallesi’nde yer alır....


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