Veledi Habib Mosque

Veledi Habib Mosque

Veledi Habib Mosque

Veledi Habib Mosque was built by Haji Shuca in the early 16th century. In written sources, the date on which the mosque was built is 1520. It functions as a lodge for a long time. Because of this, it is often referred as ‘Eminiyye Dergahı’. The property rights of the building belong to the Gökçen family, which is a well-established family.

The interior dimensions of the mosque, which is square planned, are 8.80 x 8.80 meters. The upper part of the Veledi Habib Mosque is covered with an extremely large and magnificent dome. During the renovations, the last congregational area covered by the gable vault and the east-west compartments were renovated. Smooth cut stones and perpendicular bricks are preferred in the mosque's facade walls. The historic place of worship also functions as the city's Post Office Depot for a certain period. When you come to the mosque, a four-line inscription will meet you right on the door.

The Veledi Habib Mosque, one of the most visited mosques in the city, was built during the reign of Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror. The Veledi Habib Mosque, which remained idle for a long time despite being a historical mosque, was transformed into Naqshbendi Lodge in 1801. A library section is incorporated into this structure at that time. It is also joined by the mansion in the immediate side section. After a long period of time (1969), it is decided to repair the mosque again. The mosque was open for worship at that time. The last representatives of the Gökçen family contribute to the recent restoration. They are also present at the grand opening ceremony of the mosque, which is located in Osmangazi district.

To come to the Veledi Habib Mosque, you must follow Inebey street from the center of Bursa and walk to Maksem Street. If you wish, you can also come to the area where the mosque is located by public transport.

Veledi Habib MosqueVeledi Habib Mosque


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    Mimarisi çok hoş, Bursa'nın sevimli camilerinden biri.


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