Uludag Ski Resort

Uludag Ski Resort

Uludag Ski Resort

It is known that the ancient Greek historian Herodotus named Olympos in Uludag where Christian monks began to live in the 3rd century and many monasteries were founded. Osman Şevki Bey's being one of the founders of the Turkish Medical Historical Society in 1925 offer to change the name ’Uludag' and the development of the sport of skiing starts with German coach Alexi Abraham's 1933 appearance in Uludag and convinced Fatin Güvendiren, the governor of the city, that it is ‘an excellent area for the sport of skiing’. In the following years, as the installation increases, interest also climaxes. Uludag ski resort, which has been one of the most important winter holidays and ski resorts in Turkey for many years, attracts attention with its various amenities and modernity.

Uludag ski center with a height of 2 thousand 543 meters is one of the identified locations of Bursa... It is the largest winter sports center in Turkey as well as the most prominent locations in terms of extreme sports. It is located in the southwest of the city, about half an hour away, between Fatihtepe and Kuşaklıkaya. At the same time, in the national park status center, hotels start at an altitude of one thousand 800 meters. The highest part of the ski area is 2 thousand 200 meters and the summit point of the center is completed at 2 thousand 543 meters.

Not only during the winter months, Uludag ski center, which remained active for 12 months, has close to 20 hotels. There are four-hour, one-day, or longer-term tickets available at the centre, where entry is paid for. Every year, hosting many events such as Whitefest, Winterfest, Uludag ski center guaranteed hours of fun. The center, famous for its concerts spanning the year, receives intense visitors both domestically and from abroad. Such activities as safari with snow engine, winter climbing, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding are available in Uludag Ski Center being almost the heart of winter sports.

Uludag Ski ResortUludag Ski ResortUludag Ski ResortUludag Ski Resort


  • samet
    05.11.2022 17:27

    Tüm aktiviteler bir yana gece hafif kar yağarken yürüme ve sucuk ekmek en eğlenceli etkinlikler.

  • slnkocx
    09.08.2022 08:13

    Bol oksijenli tertemiz havaya sahip, her mevsim güzel kış sezonunda kalabalık oluyor ilk kayak deneyimimi burda yaşamıştım


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