Uluabat Lake

Uluabat Lake

Uluabat Lake

The city of Bursa is at the forefront not only with its cultural and historical sites, but also with its natural beauties. Uluabat Lake, which is one of the natural areas where local people can breathe, promises many activities. Located on Karacabey road, the lake is also located approximately 30 kilometers from the city center. There are some large and small islands in Lake Uluabat. A historic monastery is located on Nailbey Island, the largest of these islands. In fact, foreign tourists come to the lake only to visit this monastery. This monastery is known to have been built in the early 800s. According to the reports, numerous monks were found here during those years.

Uluabat Lake is also home to many different fish species. Pike or carp, in particular, are among the most commonly extracted fish species from the lake. You can visit Uluabat or Gölyazı villages surrounding the lake and join the boats departing from there. On a daily basis, these cute boats arrange short rides in the lake. Uluabat Lake has been protected since 1998. In this sense it is included in the ‘Living Lakes’ project. With its rich flora and the bird species that keep the place abode, a great visual appearance emerges. The fact that the environment is wetland in general makes this place much more special and productive.

The total length of Uluabat Lake, shown among the medium-sized lakes, is 24 kilometers. The width of the lake is around 24 kilometers. It is an important stop for birds in terms of the European-Asian direction. The lake also has an influx of amateur and professional photographers throughout the year due to its impressive images. It is also close to Lake Manyas and offers an important advantage in terms of visiting. You can turn your direction towards Uluabat Lake without thinking to witness directly to many other bird species, including crested pelican, little cormorant, black rookie, black stork, red hawk, big spider.

Uluabat LakeUluabat LakeUluabat LakeUluabat Lake


  • slnkocx
    09.08.2022 07:48

    Kalabalık olmayan, kamp ve piknik yapabildiğiniz sessiz ve huzurlu bir yer

  • jV1H3tx1GbtX
    02.02.2024 18:16

    berbat bir yer


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