Uftade Mosque

Uftade Mosque

Uftade Mosque

Uftade Mosque, one of the most prominent spiritual values in Bursa, is located in the District of Osmangazi. In the garden of the mosque, which is one of the most visited locations in the city, there is also the Tomb of Uftade Mahmud Muhiddin.

Uftade Mahmud Muhiddin was born in 1490 as one of the leading spiritual elders of Bursa. He is a muezzin in Bursa Grand Mosque. He is loved by the beauty of his voice, becomes a disciple, donate his financial gains. Uftade is a Persian word meaning ‘falling’. He hears this nickname in his dream and uses it as his pen name in his poems. Over time, he becomes known by his nickname, which precedes his name.

Uftade Mahmud Muhiddin, who closes his eyes on life at age 92, gives the name of Uftade, which is identified with him, as the name of the mosque he built. Today, one of the most well-known mosques in Bursa, Uftade Mosque welcomes many visitors every year with its spirituality and authentic texture. Those who come to the relatively small mosque measuring 13 x 13 meters must also visit the tomb in its garden.

Uftade MosqueUftade MosqueUftade MosqueUftade Mosque


  • emiresltn
    11.07.2023 09:29

    Çok güzel bir yer Bursa da çok güzel aklım kalbim orada kaldı

  • zuhaldemir
    04.07.2023 12:36

    Türbe gül kokusuyla ve tertemizdi, çevresi camiisi, ilgilenenlerden Allah razı olsun

  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.11.2022 07:46

    Bursa'da mutlaka görülmesi gereken türbelerden bir tanesi olup manevi huzurun yaşandığı en güzel yerlerden birisi. Mutlaka uğrayın.


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