Tayyare Cultural Center

Tayyare Cultural Center

Tayyare Cultural Center

The Tayyare(Aircraft) Cultural Center in Bursa is one of the first modern cultural centers in the Republic period. The venue has been an exciting place for visitors since it has managed to reach the present day and has hosted many events from theatre to exhibition, cinema to concert. The Tayyare Cultural Center, which bears the signature of Arif Hikmet Koyunoğlu, one of the important architects of Bursa, is created with the contributions of the Tayyare Society.

The journey of the Cultural Center begins in 1932. Immediately after 13 years, the property rights are purchased by Bursa Municipality. From that period it also functioned as a cinema building on a regular basis for many years. The first major restoration took place in 1991. It is aimed to restore the building to its original texture through repair works. This special place of Bursa is honored within the scope of the National Architecture Awards of that period.

It takes four years to repair the building, which has a simple and impressive texture. The center, which met with the people of Bursa again in 1995, has a concert hall with a total capacity of 700 people. This place is also used for large-scale events and organizations. On the other hand, four exhibitions and one small meeting room are also located within the center. In the halls of Tayyare Cultural Center, state-of-the-art technical systems are utilized. Especially thanks to its infrastructure that allows simultaneous translation in different languages, international congresses and panels are easily held in this area.

The cocktail lounge and foyer areas have also been renovated in the Tayyare Cultural Center, which has a strong sound and light system. This is a focal point for all municipal-oriented organizations. Likewise, some workshops and courses are also held in this area. The municipality rents the sections located in the center for those who wish.

Tayyare Cultural CenterTayyare Cultural CenterTayyare Cultural CenterTayyare Cultural Center


  • slnkocx
    09.08.2022 08:30

    Çeşitli konser, tiyatro, sergi gibi etkinliklerin yapıldığı merkezi konumu sayesinde ulaşımı kolay güzel mimariye sahip bir yapı

  • muratball
    26.08.2022 07:14

    Bursa'nın bilinen en eski kültür merkezinde tiyatrolar, konserler, çeşitli etkinlikler, korolar sunulduğu barok mimari tarzında olmasa da bızler için değerli bir kamu kurumudur. Herkesin mutlaka burda bir hatırası vardır. Keşke öncekiler gibi her salı ücretsiz korolar burda yapılsaydı.


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