Süleyman Çelebi Tomb (Mausoleum)

Süleyman Çelebi Tomb (Mausoleum)

Süleyman Çelebi Tomb (Mausoleum)

Bursa is one of the cities where the traces of the Ottoman heritage are seen most intensely. Although we come across with inns, baths and mosques, it should not be forgotten that there are many important mausoleums/mausoleums. Hz. The tomb of Süleyman Çelebi, the author of the most popular prayer in Turkey (Mevlid-i Şerif) celebrating the birth of Muhammad, is also located here. Süleyman Çelebi is from Bursa and his father is Vizier Ahmet Pasha.

It is said that while Süleyman Çelebi was the head imam of Bursa Ulu Mosque, when he met with an Iranian preacher, the preacher told him that there was no difference between the prophets and that none of them could be superior to the other. A Hz. Süleyman Çelebi, who was a lover of Muhammad, then went to Hz. In order to prove the greatness of Muhammad, he wrote the Vesilet'un Necat (Vessel of Liberation) in 1409 and presented it to the entire Islamic world. After his death in 1422, a modern mausoleum was built in 1952 by philanthropists for Süleyman Çelebi, whose grave is located in this area, which was previously known as the Yoğurtlu Baba Cemetery. The mausoleum/mausoleum, which is very close to the Karagöz Museum, is in the form of an eight-footed open tomb under green cypress trees. Its sarcophagus is located under this building, and the ceiling of the building is decorated with geometric motifs.

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Süleyman Çelebi Tomb (Mausoleum)Süleyman Çelebi Tomb (Mausoleum)Süleyman Çelebi Tomb (Mausoleum)Süleyman Çelebi Tomb (Mausoleum)


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