Süleyman Çelebi Mausoleum

Süleyman Çelebi Mausoleum

Süleyman Çelebi Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Süleyman Çelebi, the author of the famous Mevlid work, is located in Bursa. Süleyman Çelebi was the son of vizier Ahmet Pasha. He wrote his famous work in 1409. He also serves as the imam of the Great Mosque. It takes lessons from very important scholars in Bursa. Suleyman Çelebi's grave was originally in the Baba Cemetery with Yoghurt. Later, some philanthropic business people in Bursa built this mausoleum on Çekirge Street in Osmangazi district. Suleyman Çelebi tomb has eight feet and has a marble chest in its middle section. The shrine is preserved thanks to the geometric figure railings located in the garden.

Suleyman Çelebi will be buried in the fountain of the Great Mosque before his death, but this request cannot be fulfilled due to road construction work. The mausoleum of Süleyman Çelebi was completed in 1952. The governor of that period, Hashim Işçan, organizes a contest for the mausoleum. This competition takes place with the contributions of Bursa Antiquities lovers institution. In the newspapers of the competition period, “How would you like to see Suleyman Çelebi's Tomb?"announced with the headline. On the same days, a survey is held on this subject. An ideal work is selected from among many projects and it is implemented without time wasting.

In this open tomb with pointed arches, there are many mature trees around the ark. The presence of these trees adds a more special air to the shrine. The original tombstones belonging to Süleyman Çelebi are kept today in the Muradiye Complex. Kazım Baikal prepares a treatise consisting of the manuscripts of Suleyman Çelebi at the time of the mausoleum. Fahmüddin, son of Şemseddin Ulusoy, also supports him in this process. The treatise can only be published in 1978 due to various setbacks. The mausoleum has three separate inscriptions in total.

Süleyman Çelebi MausoleumSüleyman Çelebi MausoleumSüleyman Çelebi MausoleumSüleyman Çelebi Mausoleum


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    15.11.2022 13:23

    1400 lü yıllarda timur un Ankara savaşından sonra işgal ettiği Bursa ya gelen Iranlı bi hocanın, bir vaazında 'bütün peygamberler aynıdır, üstünlük vasıfları yoktur' demesi üzerine Mevlid-i Şerif i yazıp peygamberimizi öven Süleyman Çelebi hazretlerinin Türbesi.


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