Shirin Hatun Tomb

Shirin Hatun Tomb

Shirin Hatun Tomb

Shirin Hatun is known as the Lady of I.Bayezid and also the mother of Shahzade Abdullah. At the end of the 16th century, a shrine was built in the city of Bursa on her behalf. The structure of this tomb is similar to the shrines of Mükrime Hatun and Gülruh Sultan. Shirin Hatun Tomb has a square plan in architectural sense. It is rare for buildings with a square plan to have a single dome. The historical shrine is especially prominent in this aspect. The body walls of the tomb are constructed of brick and stone structures. This episode ends with hedgehog fringes.

The top of the Shirin Hatun Mausoleum is covered by a dome resting on an octagonal pulley. The transition to the dome area takes place thanks to the tromps. Immediately at the entrance area, stalactites are seen pouring in. A flattened arched door can be mentioned in the main entrance section. This door is also marble jambedded. A small iwan is found on the side parts of the tomb. Colored glasses with pointed arches are prominent in the pulley section. Both door and window sashes are wood and are in original condition. It is possible to capture traces of colored pencil craftsmanship within the structure. During the editing works, the whitewash in the tomb is cleaned and this old pen-work decorations are tried to be uncovered. The floor section of the tomb is furnished with hexagonal bricks. The measures of the historical place are 5.90 x 5.90 meters. In this tomb, there is a separate ark except the ark belonging to Shirin Hatun. These crates belong to his two children.

If you want to visit Shirin Hatun Tomb when you come to Bursa, you have to take the buses to Muradiye district. The bus will drop you off at a stop near the mosque of the same name as the district. In fact, the Tomb of Shirin Hatun itself is located in the garden part of this tomb.

Shirin Hatun TombShirin Hatun TombShirin Hatun TombShirin Hatun Tomb



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