Sheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and Mausoleum

Sheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and Mausoleum

Sheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and Mausoleum

Sheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and Tomb is located in Iznik District of Bursa. Here it has exactly a reciprocal position with the Tomb of Nilüfer Hatun. There is also a chest belonging to Mehmet Muhittin in the area where the tomb is located. It is seen that the tomb is square planned. Two separate rectangular niches parallel to the window in the south area are noted in the inner sections of the tomb. The shrine is located on a hoop in the form of a dodecagon. The upper part is completely covered with tile material.

There can be no clear and precise information about the date when the Sheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and Mausoleum were built. Despite this, at least the mosque is considered to have been built by Ibrahim Pasha. Çandarlı Ibrahim Pasha is among the viziers of II.Beyazıt. The date on which the mosque was built is stated in written records as 1496. The shrine and the mosque are adjacent. Since the mosque was destroyed, it is not possible to talk about the original state of this place. In 2004, a large restoration project related to the part of the mosque was put on the agenda. As a result of this application, the mosque is repaired in accordance with the original.

Sheikh Kutbuddin was one of the most well-known headmasters of Iznik at the time. This important religious scholar is highly respected in the city. His death is recorded as 1418. During the Beyazıt period, he produced many works on Sufism. In the field of exegesis, his works are named after him. At the same time, Evliya Çelebi also gives him an important place in his works. Evliya Çelebi used for himself 'Bayrammiyya Şeyhi' in the form of an expression draws attention. Sheikh Kutbuddin continues his sect-related activities largely within İznik. It is emphasized that the mosque located here was built later than the mausoleum. Among the people, this person is more famous as ‘Kutbuddin Izniki'. For this reason, the tomb is sometimes referred as ‘Kutbuddin Izniki Tomb’.

Sheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and MausoleumSheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and MausoleumSheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and MausoleumSheikh Kutbuddin Mosque and Mausoleum


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