Oylat Waterfall

Oylat Waterfall

Oylat Waterfall

Oylat waterfall is located in Inegöl District of Bursa city. Between the waterfall and the district center is a driving distance of 27 kilometers. This place is also located within the route of Oylat Creek. The water that feeds the waterfall is largely the snow waters coming from Uludag or the nearby waters are the sources. The creek forms the waterfall located in the wooded area as a result of the approximately 40 minute distance. Around the waterfall there is a rich forest of Poplar, Sycamore and pine trees. At the same time, the presence of rosehip or blackberry plants adds a different atmosphere to the forest. The walking route in the forest is not a relatively challenging one. So you can easily reach the waterfall thanks to a short walk.

Oylat waterfall is 850 meters above sea level. The waterfall, which is surrounded by valleys in both parts, is suitable for many nature activities from trekking to running. This place, on the other hand, is connected to the hot springs of the same name. Therefore, there are some facilities that you can evaluate around the waterfall. In a sense, Oylat waterfall is a kind of holiday village waterfall. The structure consists of a cave with a canyon. Oylat waterfall and its surroundings offer a very open atmosphere to various surprises. Here you can discover something new with every step you take. You must bring your camera with you in order to immortalize any surprises you may encounter.

Oylat waterfall is considered as among the most popular waterfalls not only in Bursa but also in the Marmara region. When you come to Inegöl, if you continue for about six kilometers after the underpass, you may encounter the Oylat turnoff. After returning from this detour many router signs about the waterfall will meet you. The waterfall is located on Oylat Street, which is connected to Hilmiye District. Although the path leading up to the waterfall shows around 500 metres above the navigation, the path you have to walk is essentially three kilometres.

Oylat WaterfallOylat WaterfallOylat WaterfallOylat Waterfall


  • beyzakorkmazzx
    18.07.2022 10:50

    seyirlik alanları ve güzel yürüyüş yolları olan görülmeye değer büyülü bir yer. rahat kıyafetlerle gitmenizi tavsiye ederim

  • fatmahnterr
    29.06.2022 09:56

    Sonbahar aylarında gitmenizi tavsiye ederim yapraklar dökülmüş oluyor çok güzel fotoğraflar çekebilirsiniz :)


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