Muradiye Complex

Muradiye Complex

Muradiye Complex

Muradiye Complex, which gives its name to the district where it is located, is located in Osmangazi, the historical heritage district of Bursa. The sixth Ottoman Sultan II.Murat contributed greatly to the development of the city. Muradiye Complex, which started its construction in 1425 and opened in 1426 by making it ready in a short time, is today described as a quiet historical site.

It consists of a mosque, hammam, a madrasa, a mausoleum, a fountain, a building called imaret to help the poor and a hospital. Also It is known that the shrines were added for more than 100 years, starting from the reign of II.Murad's son and seventh Ottoman Sultan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Although the II.Murad Mosque being in the complex and having two minarets added later has a simple appearance, it attracts attention with its rich interior decorations. The Tomb of the last Ottoman Sultan II.Murat was located in Bursa. Murad's tomb is one of the main items of spiritual importance of the complex. It is possible to indicate that it is a simple structure with a square plan. In Muradiye Complex, known for its shrines, also many shrines such as Şehzade Alaaddin Mausoleum, Şehzade Ahmed Mausoleum, Şehzade Mustafa Mausoleum, Shirin Hatun Mausoleum can also be visited.

II. The Murad Madrasa being another item under construction is a typical early Ottoman period structure in the focus of higher education with rooms and library where students can stay. Today, it serves as a health center with a small museum.

Muradiye Complex, one of the icons of Bursa with a history of nearly 600 years, invites the city's residents and local and foreign visitors on a spiritual, cultural and artistic history journey.

Muradiye ComplexMuradiye ComplexMuradiye ComplexMuradiye Complex


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