Mudanya Armistice House and Museum

Mudanya Armistice House and Museum

Mudanya Armistice House and Museum

Mudanya Armistice is one of the most important gains achieved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. In fact, this truce is the first political success of the assembly. Mudanya Armistice House has a special value as the venue where this critical and meaningful agreement was signed. Witnessing all those tensions, strategies and ultimately victory, this place is seen today as a symbol of peace. After all these years, the house that hosts the deal loses nothing of its value. The house is located within Mudanya Armistice Square. When you come into being, this magnificent white building will greet you immediately. The Mudanya Armistice House, where years of hard fighting have turned into an agreement, is transformed into a venue that is often visited today. The house's existence is significant in keeping its recent history alive.

The Armistice House of Mudanya is essentially owned by someone of Russian origin. Then Hayri Ipar, a business person from Mudanya, takes over the property rights of the House. He also personally carries out the repairs after buying the house. With the support of Mudanya Municipality, this house of great spiritual importance is converted into a museum. The museum functioned as a museum in the district between 1937 and 1959. In 1959, the place was transferred to the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums.

The Mudanya Armistice House, a place symbolized at the point of the end of the Turkish-Greek war, has two floors in total. The house, which houses general architectural features from the 1800s, has 13 separate rooms. On the other hand, two large halls meet you when you visit the house. The most interesting part of Mudanya Armistice House is the hall with wax statues of world leaders. It is possible to list Ismet Inönü, General Harington and Mombelli among these names. The museum, whose restoration was completed in 2014, is reopened to visitors in its renovated modern form.

Mudanya Armistice House and MuseumMudanya Armistice House and MuseumMudanya Armistice House and Museum


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    Tarihimizin en önemli antlaşmalarından birine ev sahipliği yapmış ve günümüze kadar özenle korunarak müzeye çevrilmiş tarihi bir ev.


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