Küreklidere Falls

Küreklidere Falls

Küreklidere Falls

Transportation to the Küreklidere Waterfall in the Yıldırım district of Bursa is relatively difficult, but it is worth it for the natural beauty you will encounter at the end of the road. You can only use your vehicle up to a certain point to get to the waterfall. You have to continue the rest of the road on foot.

For this long and exhausting adventure, you must first come to Hamamlikazık Village. You have to go up the mountain through the Urban Forest here. This journey will take approximately one hour. Alternatively, Saitabat Village Road may be preferred. If you prefer this path, your walking distance may be a little shorter. The waterfalls of Kureklidere give you the opportunity for a long and pleasant nature walk. This is why trekking enthusiasts pay special attention to the area. The waterfall you will encounter at the end of the journey spills down from an altitude of 80 meters.

The Küreklidere Waterfall is located on top of Deliçay and has four separate stages in total. There are many picnic areas in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall. These areas include ready-made tables and fountains. Those who wish to burn a barbecue or enjoy a picnic with their loved ones in such a way as not to harm the environment in this area mentioned. The surrounding area of the waterfall hosts very special color movements. This is of particular interest to photographers. The area with the waterfall offers another beauty to its visitors every season. In this heavenly land, where you can host every shade of green, especially the red color changes are of great interest.

The source of the waterfall begins at 900 meters and reaches from the foot of Uludag to here. Because of the steep terrain, you can also witness some small waterfalls along the way. Despite this, the Küreklidere Waterfall is the largest among them. This place is sometimes referred by the name of ‘Kürekli waterfall’ among the local people.

Küreklidere FallsKüreklidere FallsKüreklidere Falls


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