Kyrgyz Mousoleum

Kyrgyz Mousoleum

Kyrgyz Mousoleum

It is unclear exactly when and by whom the Kyrgyz Mausoleum in Bursa was built. Despite this, the knowledge that the building was built prior to the acquisition of Iznik is accepted with certainty.

Children's and adult sarcophagi are found in the Kyrgyz Mausoleum. It is currently known that there are eight sarcophagi in total within the shrine. The space, which has a north and south direction, is co-dimensional. Therefore, it is square in plan. Consisting of two independent areas, the Kyrgyz Mausoleum connects a large gate located in the middle section of the walls. This door is rectangular and does not have any inscriptions on it. The part in the southern part is covered with a dome. The pencil-work decorations on the sides of the upper windows are admirable. It is understood that the iwan section has been overhauled from time to time. The original parts of this area survive to the present day. The presence of rough-hewn stones adds value to the place.

Orhan Ghazi's signature is seen in the construction of the mausoleum, which is one of the most important sacred places in Bursa and which is particularly attracted to local visitors. In the records, the date of establishment is 1331, even though it is not certain. It is built in memory of the Kyrgyz Turks who fought for the Ottoman favor during the conquest of Iznik and lost their lives. The place is evaluated within the scope of Ottoman works of the first period. The mausoleum and Orhan Ghazi Zawiyah are immediately facing each other. Unfortunately, only the foundations of these lodges are found today. Local people sometimes refer to this place as ‘Kırkkızlar Mausoleum’. In fact, it is possible to find the name ‘Haji Camaza Mausoleum’ in some sources.

The main space of the building, which has been attributed a special importance due to its architectural details and especially its pen-work decorations, is just behind the vaulted iwan. Together with the vault, the roof cannot reach today. A wooden flat roof is installed in place of the original roof.

Kyrgyz MousoleumKyrgyz MousoleumKyrgyz MousoleumKyrgyz Mousoleum


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