Karagöz Museum

Karagöz Museum

Karagöz Museum

The Karagöz Museum, where an old and unused transformer building in Bursa has been re-constructed and organized and transformed into a cultural space with the cooperation of the municipality and the foundation, is one of the most enjoyable locations in the city. The important detail is that it reveals itself immediately because the Karagöz Monument rises directly opposite it.

The Performing Art, called shadow play, can basically be summed up as being played and performed by people in such a way that only puppets can be seen on a small screen. In this context, as a tradition carried from the Ottoman Empire to the present day and identified with Bursa, Karagöz is a shadow play character that has been staged for centuries. Karagöz shows are mainly held in Karagöz Museum. At the same time, the gallery, library and workshop services are offered.

The Karagöz Museum, which was inaugurated in 2007, brings the shadow play in two parts to the present day. In the first part of the gallery, the journey through history is conveyed with more than 50 panels listed. The second part features depictions from the play. There are also cartoons from old Ottoman newspapers.

The museum, where Karagöz and Hacivat characters, as well as many other characters in the shadow play can be seen both on Wall-Hanging boards and as puppets, attracts the attention of young and old people in the center of Bursa, where it is located. At its core is a cultural and Arts Centre, and at some times of the year, its passage also hosts exhibitions.

Karagöz MuseumKaragöz MuseumKaragöz MuseumKaragöz Museum


  • gunmemoli
    14.11.2022 07:15

    Kısaca;Karagöz ve Hacivat Bursa'da Ulucami'nin imalatı esnasında çalışan 2 işçidir. Karagöz demirci ustası iken Hacivat ise duvarcı ustasıdır. İnşaatın yavaş ilerlemesinden sorumlu tutulup idam edilen Karagöz ve Hacivat taklide ve karşılıklı konuşmaya dayanan, 2 boyutlu tasvirlerle bir perdede oynatılan gölge oyunudur.

  • soltkb4gl7po
    12.09.2023 10:54

    Çocuklu ailelerin kesin uğraması gereken bir yer.


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