Fortifications Walls Of İznik

Fortifications Walls Of İznik

Fortifications Walls Of İznik

The Fortification Walls of Iznik were built in the 4th century BC. This period is mentioned in written sources as ‘Bithynia period’. The fortifications were later expanded thanks to new additions in both the Roman and Byzantine periods. It takes its form during this period, which has reached the present day. The historic ramparts resembling a five-edged polygon plan are approximately 5 thousand meters long. In this sense, it has a rather imposing image.

Some of the ramparts are round and some are square. There are 114 bastions in total in Fortification Walls of Iznik. The highest fortification is around 13 metres. When you look at the intersection of two busy streets in the city, you can easily see the four main gates of the city walls. The gates of Fortification Walls of Iznik are listed as Istanbul Gate, Lefke Gate, Göl Gate and Yenisehir Gate.

The Istanbul gate facing the northern part of the city of Bursa has three separate gates in itself. Between these doors, there is an oval courtyard. At the same time, the cylinder-shaped door towers have survived intact to the present day. The large arch located just above the jambs sits atop the corner walls. Lefke Gate faces east of Bursa. The structure is quite similar to the Istanbul Gate. These reasons are estimated that both doors were built on similar dates. However, there is no definite date for the periods in which these gates were built.

The Göl Gate faces the west direction of the town. Unfortunately, not much remains of this door nowadays. Only a section of the tower in the right section remained standing. Only the foundation of the remaining tower in the left section is evident. Yenisehir Gate is one of the most interesting gates. It consists of three parts in itself. This is also the gateway to the city from the outside. To reach the inner door, it is necessary to pass through the square-shaped courtyard.

Fortifications Walls Of İznikFortifications Walls Of İznikFortifications Walls Of İznikFortifications Walls Of İznik


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    MÖ 4'ncü yüzyıl) inşa edilmeye başlanan surlar, Roma ve Bizans dönemlerindeki yeni eklentilerle günümüzdeki şeklini almıştır. İznik’in çevresini beş kenarlı çokgen şekilde kuşatan surlar yaklaşık 4 bin 970 metre uzunluğundadır.


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