Ismail Bey Hammam

Ismail Bey Hammam

Ismail Bey Hammam

Ismail Bey Hammam, located on the Beylik neighborhood of Iznik, is also known as Masjid Hammam by the local people. In 1989, the venue is protected by an umbrella in the form of construction

Some details of the historical Ismail Bey Hammam, which has been inherited from the principalities period to the present day, are immediately visible, especially in the interior architecture. The upper part of the structure is covered by a spiral dome. The luminous openings in the focal point of the dome, which are spiral-sliced, can be easily observed.

Exactly what date Ismail Bey Hammam was built is unknown. However, the estimates are based on the fact that it is a Seljuk artifact. Therefore, the bath house is probably predicted to date to the 14th century. Ismail Bey Hammam, which is considered as one of the rarest examples of Turkish building art, lies in a north-south direction. The hammam has six rooms with a rectangular plan, with only the foundations remaining except the main one, which has four domes. The exterior is generally plain and designed as a indivisible structure. Rubble stone and brick are used in the walls of the structure. It is irregularly formed except for the Western Front. Bricks are preferred in muqarnas parts with covering system. Today, the upper part of the hammam is completely covered by the steel roof. In this way, it is protected against all possible external factors.

It is not known exactly why such a name was given to the place located on Sultan Hammam Street. Ismail Bey Hammam is kept on hand in Bursa for many years because it is not similar in its kind. Especially at that time, the leading names of the members of Çandarlı, today in the borders of Iznik because they live in this special hammam frequented. In fact, some sources claim that this is the private bath of the palace. Today, many memories of Ismail Bey Hammam have been erased.

 Ismail Bey Hammam Ismail Bey Hammam Ismail Bey Hammam


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