Inkaya Historical Sycamore

Inkaya Historical Sycamore

Inkaya Historical Sycamore

One of the symbols of Bursa within the scope of monument trees in Turkey, the Inkaya historical Sycamore is a legacy spanning over 600 years from the Ottoman Empire to modern-day Turkey.

The name of the historical sycamore, known by all the world, comes from Inkaya, one of the first Ottoman villages. With a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 35 meters, this natural wonder, which adorns the sky with leaves, also has more than 10 main arms. This huge plane, whose branches reach 4 meters in thickness, not only amazes those who see it, it is also a visual feast that tells them how magnificent the treasures of nature can be.

Even though its size is tried to be manifested and expressed in words, it shows its real effect when it is come to its close. This tree, which is so magnificent and so vivid that it cannot be depicted, invites its visitors to sip a cup of tea and coffee under a unique green. Aware of this invitation, the municipality also opened a recreational facility in the area where sycamore is located and this nature enabled its guests to enjoy their pleasures.

One of the oldest trees in Turkey, the Inkaya Historical Sycamore rises in the Osmangazi district at the foot of Uludag, in the center of the city. Those who come to see this historic tree also contribute indirectly to the inhabitants of the village. Because as a point where crafts, fresh and organic food as well as various kinds of crops are sold, this area is one of the places where guests do not return empty-handed.

Inkaya Historical SycamoreInkaya Historical SycamoreInkaya Historical SycamoreInkaya Historical Sycamore


  • soltkb4gl7po
    12.09.2023 11:10

    Şehirden çıkmadan önce gelmezsek olmaz dediğimiz yer. Çınar çok güzel 600 küsür yıllık bir çınar. Ancak etrafındaki işletme çok zayıf. Bence ora belediyenin falan olmalıydı

  • samet
    03.06.2022 22:42

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Enfes bir yer ve kesinlikle önerilir.


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