Inebey Manuscript Library

Inebey Manuscript Library

Inebey Manuscript Library

The Inebey Manuscript Library in the Osmangazi District of Bursa is the subject of tens thousands of works in the Inebey Madrasa dated to the 14th century.

The library, where the written sources of history are displayed, is noted for its rich collection of manuscripts and print books. In Inebey Manuscript Library, mainly Turkish and Islamic works are seen. In this context, books are presented to people who want to do academic or educational research after the related processes such as catalogues and registration.

The general visitor section of the library usually varies between those who have studied or are interested in such subjects, such as history and philology. The library, which also offers consulting services, is an invaluable cultural stop, especially for historical lovers.

There are eight sections in the library, including collections of manuscript books from different periods in names such as Orhan Library, National Library, Halkevi Library. Printed books can be examined in two parts, Arabic and Latin letters. In addition, there are almost all of the books printed in Turkey until 1928, when the Latin alphabet was generally accepted. In short, the library's collection is almost a journey through history.

The library, which is in the specialized library segment, also contains newspaper clippings on the history of Press-Publication. In general, the library is based on the presentation of numerous types of documents related to the past to the service of foreigners who have been granted permission from local and certain points.

As a final detail, the reverse’ t-planned ' library, which make visitors feel the historical texture, was built by Inebey Subaşı, one of the statesmen of the Ottoman Sultan Yildirim Bayezid period.

Inebey Manuscript Library Inebey Manuscript Library Inebey Manuscript Library Inebey Manuscript Library


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