II.Murat Hamam

II.Murat Hamam

II.Murat Hamam

Many historical baths in Bursa have reached successfully so far. One of these baths, II.Murat Hamam, is also known by names such as Haji Hamza or Municipal Hamam.

It is not known exactly by whom and when II.Murat Hamam was built. However, research indicates that the bathhouse was built in the early 16th century. The women's section is just north of the bath. The standoff section is located in the eastern section. This area is seen to be square planned. When you turn your direction towards the west of II.Murat Hamam, you may encounter the warmth and seclusion sections. The men's section is positioned in the south division. It can be observed that the four-pointed rooms in the male section are covered by a dome. In the middle part of the temperature of this area, a naval stone draws attention.

In the masonry sections of the main structure, a mixture of stone and brick materials was used. Only cut stones are placed in the corner sections. The door of the women's section is bounded by marble and lintels. Reflecting traces of Ottoman architecture II. Murat Bath belongs to the class of double baths. The historic site, which has recently undergone restoration, continues to serve as its original state. Today, however, only a certain part of the structure is suitable to serve as a bathhouse.

II. Murat Bath is also located in a large complex. Therefore, visitors come across a large building community. The madrasa building is located just east of the historic Bath. The bath is small in general. This place is very poorly maintained for a certain period and even functions as an iron casting workshop. Thanks to the restoration carried out by the Osmangazi Municipality in 2010, the hamam gains its original identity to a large extent. Şükrü Talaş, the operator of the bath, has been making efforts to keep the historic site alive since 1968.

II.Murat HamamII.Murat HamamII.Murat HamamII.Murat Hamam


  • caliskanahmt
    07.03.2023 13:51

    Tarihi tam olarak bilinmemektedir.1500 ile 1600 yıllar arasında yapıldığı tahmin edilmektedir.Güzel bir yapı belediye hamamı olarakta bilinir. Halen hizmet vermektedir.

  • gunmemoli
    20.10.2022 10:16

    Temiz ve güzel bir hamam. Müsait bir zamanda gelirseniz hamamı komple saatlik kiralama imkanı olabiliyor.


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