Sultan Lodge Museum

Sultan Lodge Museum

Sultan Lodge Museum

Bursa is one of the front cities in terms of traditional and thematic museums. Both the city center and the surrounding districts of Bursa, 8 thousand 500 years of history is likely to be encountered with a large number of museums. Sultan Lodge Museum, which has a special place among these museums, is also an eye-catching genre with both its physical structure and its content.

The museum is on the borders of Yıldırım Township in the southern section of the city. Because this place is also located on the outskirts of Uludag, the city is a dominant point in general sense. The structure that houses the museum is essentially created as a hunting lodge. It is known that this pavilion was built in 1844 by Mehmet Salih, who was the governor of the period. The governor has this mansion built because of the arrival of Sultan Abdulmecid. The fact that the Sultan will honor the city creates a great excitement here. In just 19 days, the pavilion is completed quickly. Here, other than Abdulmecid, Abdulaziz and V. Mehmet Reşad are also welcomed in the lodge The point in the northern section of the pavilion where the trees are densely located is known as ‘Temenna’. Temenna is called the places where the Sultans greeted the people at that time. Sultan Lodge is also referred in some sources as Kasr-ı Milli or Kasr-ı Humayün.

Another feature of Sultan Lodge Museum is that it hosted Atatürk and some of his accompanying commanders for about two weeks in 1922. Atatürk usually visits the lodge when he visits Bursa. The most recent of these visits takes place on July 16, 1935. The property rights of the historical pavilion have been in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality since 1947. The last restoration associated with the museum was carried out by the municipality again in 1995. The National Palaces Department also plays an active role in this restoration. The Sultan Lodge Museum has been serving as a museum-pavilion since 2003.

Sultan Lodge MuseumSultan Lodge MuseumSultan Lodge MuseumSultan Lodge Museum


  • muratball
    26.08.2022 07:21

    Bursa'da görmek lazım dediğim bir yer olur burası. Farklı zamanlarda Kemal Atatürk'ün ve bir kaç padişahın konakladığı bir av köşkü.

  • silapamuk
    04.08.2022 12:53

    Küçük bir saray havası verdi Köşk nasıl hoş nasıl latif 19 günde av köşkü olarak inşa edilmiş. Tavan boyamaları avizeler yemek takımları eşyalar hepsi muhteşem.


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