Hodja Muslihiddin (Court) Mosque

Hodja Muslihiddin (Court) Mosque

Hodja Muslihiddin (Court) Mosque

Hodja Muslihiddin mosque is a palce built in the time of the Ottoman Sultan Çelebi Mehmet and is a place of high historical value.

Hodja Muslihiddin, who gave his name to the mosque, built this place in 1493. The mosque measures between 7.67 and 8.10 meters of internal measurements are among the information found. The last communion place, one of the places of interest, has a depth of about 5 meters. Hodja Muslihiddin mosque is also named as ‘Court Mosque’ by local people.

The windows in the eastern part of the historical place of worship are pointed arched. The bricks that are woven here use interesting motifs such as negro or bird's beak. On the window pediments, more baklava motifs were preferred. The final congregational area is at the lower level of the main worship section. This area has a wooden ceiling and its upper section is covered by a private roof. The main worship section is found to be based on prismatic triangles. The dome has an octagonal shaped pulley as a structure. People who want to go to the minaret should use the stairs located in the eastern part of the main place of worship.

Hodja Muslihiddin mosque is located on the corner where Ibrahim Pasha Street and Girls ' High School Street meet exactly. To reach the mosque, one can walk from the city centre, especially through Tahtakale Square. In the construction of the mosque, his signature found in the construction process, Hoca Muslihiddin Effendi was also the person who personally built the Irgandi Bridge.

Although rarely, some sources say that the mosque was built by the Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha, not by the teacher Muslihiddin Effendi. Since the interior of the mosque has been plastered in places, its original state has been lost to a certain extent. During the first period when the Hodja Muslihiddin mosque was built, it essentially functions as a neighborhood Masjid. The conversion of this Masjid into a mosque took place in 1615. Since the conversion process was carried out with the permission of the Sultan at that time, the 18th Ottoman Sultan and 97th Islamic caliph Sultan Ibrahim have his permission.

Today, the presence of an impressive plane tree and a historical fountain in the front section of the Hodja Muslihiddin mosque adds a natural mystic air to the grandeur of the building.

Hodja Muslihiddin (Court) Mosque Hodja Muslihiddin (Court) Mosque


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    Bursa'nın tarih ve tevazu kokan güzel Camilerinden.. O tevazu ve huşuyu ruhuyla ve kalbiyle yaşayanlar bilir ancak..


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