Gölzyazı is an important ancient settlement in the city of Bursa. The history of this tourist area, which is situated on a large peninsula, dates back to the 6th century BC.

Looking at its historical history, Gölyazı was called ‘Apollonia ad Rhyndacum’ in ancient times. It originates from the Ryndacus River in the region. The river is the place we know today as Orhaneli Creek. The word Apollonia refers to the God of Light at that time.

There are eight other ancient cities founded under the name Apollonia. Gölyazı is more developed in Byzantine times. An important part of the religious works or places unearthed belong to this period. Archaeological studies related to Gölyazı have not been at the desired level. For this reason, the information about the region is determined largely by the coins obtained.

Many imperial coins dating from the Byzantine period are found in the works carried out in Gölyazı. After the year 1303, this place is opened to the Turks. There are many works in Gölyazı which attract local and foreign visitors. Deliktaş, Stone Gate, Hagios Georgios Church, Temple of Apollo, Hagios Konstantinos Monastery are prominent among these. Gölyazı is also declared as a site and is thus protected. There are also mosques and baths within the region, which cannot be determined exactly when they were built. On the other hand, the 750-year-old sycamore, which is located here and has a reputation as the ’weeping tree', is also of great interest to visitors. As soon as you enter the village square, this magnificent tree will greet you with all its majesty.

When you examine Gölyazı, you will see the common history of both Turks and Greeks. In the region, which was a Greek village in the past, those who came from Salonika live in the region during the exchange as painfully. An important part of the people in Gölyazı region make a living with tourism and fishing. Here you can fish, take plenty of photos, go to Zambak (lily) Hill or take a boat tour of the island.



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