Galle Khan

Galle Khan

Galle Khan

Galle Khan is one of the most important inns not only in Bursa but also in all of Anatolia. However, unfortunately, the value of this historic inn is not understood and it remains idle for a long time.

It sadly loses its value as it quickly moves away from its original image. The Galle Khan, which is condemned to oblivion as a result of lack of care, is a work belonging to Mimar Sinan. He describes it as an apprenticeship. It was built in the 1500s with the signature of Semih Alizade. He is known as the grand vizier of Suleiman The Magnificent at that time.

The khan is created in two storeys in the first process. The earthquake that took place in 1855 damaged many structures in the city of Bursa. The Galle Khan is also unfortunately among the structures affected by this earthquake. That period underwent extensive restoration after the earthquake; however, this can hardly be the case for later periods. Galle Khan, located in the center of Bursa, is popularly referred as Tahıl(Grain) Khan. The main reason why it is called as The Tahıl Khan is the sale of han and harp-like products in the region during the most active periods of the khan. At that time, khan was a bazaar of interest in this area. On the other hand, foundries and blacksmiths who produce for various cities of Anatolia are found in this area. The historic site stands out with this identity for a very long time. As a result of the opening of the street in front of the khan at the beginning of the past century, the khan is divided into two. Only some walls belonging to the khan can survive in the area in the northern section. In the southern part, the arched wooden door retains its original texture.

Finally, the expected move related to Galle Khan comes from Osmangazi Municipality and restoration work gains momentum. In this restoration, the dome section is repaired again, with the last remaining section standing. In addition, the shops facing the street are restored to their original form.

Galle KhanGalle Khan


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    Mimar Sinan'ın Bursa'da ki tek inşa ettiği yapı deniyor.


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